Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lots of Birdies

Just a quick post about a few bags I have made recently.  Amy Butler's Birdie Sling is one of my favorite bag patterns, I've made it several times for myself and as gifts.  I've also printed a copy of the pattern at 75% of its normal size since the pattern size is really more of a giant tote.

Note: Excuse the horrible pictures.  Staging things when it's hard to get on and off the floor at 9 months pregnant isn't the easiest thing!  Also, I might have snapped the gift ones at the last minute :)

For the last few months, I've been carrying around this version that I made for myself out of Ruby fabrics.  This bag has been a great catch-all for random things I've needed for work and when trekking around with the family.  In fact, it's stuffed with junk right now, which is why it's hanging funny.

Well, I've gotten a lot of compliments on it, which has been lovely.  My son's teachers for his 2-3 year old room, who have been a Godsend during this whole restricted-pregnancy mess, both told me how much they liked it.  Then when they found out I made it (LOVE people's reaction when you get to tell them that), they asked for some as well.  Since the school year was ending, and I had been trying to figure out what to get them as thank-you gifts, this was perfect.

First up is the one for his main teacher, who said she liked black and white and just a touch of yellow.  Luckily I found these matching fabrics at JoAnn's - one of which was a home dec weight which meant I got to skip the interfacing on the outside - yippee!

The lining is a butterfly print, which looks really cute with the other fabrics.

Her reaction was great and made the whole thing worth it.  She kept hugging it and showing it to everyone!

Next up was his assistant teacher, who basically wanted a clone of mine.  Well, I couldn't find all of the fabrics I used at the local quilt shops, but I did find a pretty print from Vintage Modern for the outside.  It's paired with a Moda Bella solid for the handles (no other red would match!) and another Bonnie & Camille print for the inside.  She was also very excited.

I was really happy to give the teachers such personalized gifts to say Thank You after how great they have been with my son.  Now I just hope we'll love his new teachers just as much!

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