Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Crazytown

Well, lately life has been…busy.  Not all terrible, but definitely chaos.

First, work was really busy, to the point that all I wanted to do when the kids got to bed was vegetate on the couch with Netflix and occasionally ice cream or other junk.  I was mentally and physically dead due to the workload and drama at work, and my leg hurt from being chained to my desk at work.  I did that for many many weeks, and honestly it was kind of glorious, but I’m ready to get back into hobby mode and need to work off some of the junk food chub.

Then, I decided I was super burnt out from work and wanted to take a vacation.  I planned to take off most of the week of July 4th.  Tuesday was going to be a half day at work, then the kids would stay at daycare and I would get the afternoon ALONE, and the rest of the week would be a fun staycation full of activities.  I was sooo excited.  So of course, the stress and crappy eating caused me to get a horrible virus which resulted in me being bedridden for 2 days, then keeping the kids at home half-sick.  I should have taken them to daycare, but Evan knew about the staycation in advance so that was a bust.  Ok fine, I was disappointed but at least it was a much-needed break from work.


By the evening of the 4th, I felt better and Brandon was home, we did some fun family things, and it seemed like the lame staycation was going to end on a high note.

Super excited...

Ok, seriously, where is the water??


Clearly my son has some moves.

Then on Sunday the 6th, the day before returning to the usual routine, Maddie woke up in pain pointing to her butt.  Her tailbone area looked a little red, so I thought maybe she bruised it bouncing on the deck in the kiddie pool the day before.  Then, just before lunch she plopped on the floor (as toddlers do), and started screaming bloody murder.  When Brandon went to pick her up, his hand came away with blood and pus.  GROSS.  So all 4 of us bee-lined for the emergency room (thank you Clemmons Medical Center for having no wait), and spent the afternoon there.  She had a giant abscess about the size of a baseball on her tailbone – it had ballooned in the couple of hours since she woke up.  Lucky me got to hold her while they numbed her and sliced open the abscess to drain it.  It was traumatic for all involved; thank god she won’t remember any of it.

A few days of bandage-changing and wound care later, and we got a call from the lab that Maddie had MRSA.  WTF??!!  I work for the local health system, and I’ve only heard of this in hospitals and crappy nursing homes.  Maddie was quarantined at home (not even allowed in the dr office) and we got more crazy care instructions as it’s highly contagious.  Enter super-strength antibiotics that upset her stomach, and she was feeling better.  Then began the wait to see if the infection would go away or if it would need more lancing.

As of today, 11 days after the ER, she is back at daycare, no bandage, and feels 100% fine.  However, she still has some infection and is staying on the antibiotics for another round until it goes away.  If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what’s next.  We are trying home remedy-type things to try to push things along, and probiotics seem to have helped her stomach.

Bought a large Mason jar full of old necklaces at the antique store.  Most entertaining $2 ever.

All in all, it has sucked, but at least she is feeling better and so far no one else in the family has gotten it.  Now finish your job, antibiotics!!