Monday, October 1, 2012

Nursery Quilt & Pumpkins

I am so excited that this quilt is finished - I was so worried that it wouldn't get done before Baby Girl's arrival, and then who knows how long it would have sat waiting in the UFO pile.

This is made from Nicey Jane fabric by Heather Bailey, some coordinating solids, and a pretty flannel for the back.  The pattern is from the book Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters, which I won from John Adams (Quilt Dad) himself when he came to speak to our guild this spring!

I did allover loops for the quilting, which I think turned out cute and feminine.  This was the first quilt I've quilted on my Horizon, and I have to say, it was love.  Having all that space under the machine and not needing to struggle with shifting the quilt so much was amazing.  Maybe now I can quilt some of the larger UFOs I have sitting around!

On a non-quilty note, we are in the final stretches and entering Baby Watch.  My due date is in 3 weeks, so baby is full term.  My husband and I are the only ones who don't think I'll make it much longer - probably because I'm so huge (I'm short, people: she has nowhere to go but straight out!).  I am not quite mentally ready so I'm hoping she holds out for at least a couple more weeks.  Although, there are definitely some days where my back says otherwise...

We also took my 3 year old to the local pumpkin patch this weekend, while I could still walk around a bit.  I took a ton of pictures, but could never get him to slow down enough to get many good ones.

Big E explaining the finer points of pumpkin-choosing:

Taking the haul to the parking lot with Daddy:

Yay for Fall!

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