Monday, September 17, 2012

Squeeeee!!! (or, lots of new things)

Oooh I am feeling very spoiled.  Very spoiled indeed.  Lots of goodies for me recently, some gifts, some purchases, and a win.

First up, I won this cute fat quarter bundle of Erin McMorris fabric during the Quilting Gallery blog hop from Cat Patches.  I have no idea what I'll do with it, but it's very sweet fabric.  Maybe a quilt for SCAN (our guild's charity) once I get back into the swing of sewing & quilting.

Next up, for my birthday I got an Amazon gift card from my mom, which I used to get a couple of quilting books that I've had my eye on for quite a while.  Both books are great inspiration for using scraps, something I'll probably be doing a lot of once were paying for 2 kids in day care and my fabric budget gets slashed :)

I also splurged a bit and got the full fat quarter bundle of Madrona Road from The Intrepid Thread, which I got for a great deal with a coupon.  I have to tell you, Julie at that shop provides amazing service.  I ordered the bundle on Friday afternoon and it was waiting in my mailbox on Monday when I got home from work, and I only paid the standard shipping.  I've got a few ideas of what I want to do with this, but since I probably won't get to it before the baby's born, I will probably just admire the pretty bundle for a few months!

Finally, the jackpot of presents, or "my husband wins some major brownie points."  First, for my birthday last month he got me an iPad.  Yes we share a bank account, but I've been wanting one for a while and never would have taken the plunge if it wasn't a gift.  But even my beloved iPad pales in comparison to....

My new sewing machine, a Janome Horizon 7700!!  I am SO excited about this one, even though I probably won't get to use it to its full potential for a few months.  This was definitely an impulse buy.  We took my machine, a perfectly good Brother NX-450Q in for services, and somehow left with this.  We did get a really good deal with the trade and also because this was the floor model.  I paid about $1200 LESS than MSRP, which is pretty good!

I will plan on doing a full review once I have a little more experience with it, but I will say once I got home with it, it was not love at first sew.  My Brother was much more user-friendly, and it felt like going from a Honda Civic to an army tank.  But after sewing on it for over a week now (still no FMQ yet, can't WAIT to try that), I am getting used to it and am really starting to love it.

Well that's enough of my bragging.  I have to say though, after a rough summer it's nice to be spoiled!  Although now that I think about it, maybe hubby is just building up to refusing to do diapers or something...nah! ;)

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  1. CONGRATS! I remember the first time I ever won a giveaway (This December check out sew mama sew's giveaway day, its a week of just entries!). What a nice machine, everytime I look at one my hubby says to wait, save and buy a better machine, you have a nice one!