Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday - The Nursery Edition

Well, it's been an eventful and stressful 3 months since I last posted.  If you're just here for the pics, please feel free to scroll down :)

After my last post, I was told by my doctor that I would need to be on bed rest for nearly the remainder of my pregnancy.  So after 2 weeks of only being allowed up for bathroom trips, a short shower every day, and to grab a quick snack, I went back and was told by a different doc at the practice that I was fine and should never have been placed on any restrictions.  Then, I ended up getting a phone call to yes, be on part time bed rest.  This saga of being on and off bed rest, with conflicting opinions of the doctors, went on for a couple of months.  I finally followed everyone's advice and switched practices.  Best decision ever.  I was monitored closely under increasing levels of activity, and it was eventually decided that I should be on limited restrictions for the next several weeks.  Even the limited restrictions have been difficult (although at this point I'm as big as a house and can't do much anyway!), but SO much better than bed rest.  Overall, the last few months have been physically, emotionally, and financially draining.  I'm very happy that the end of my pregnancy is less filled with worry and stress, but I'm ginormously a little bitter at my old physician group for the strain they placed on my family, including the precious FMLA/maternity leave that unnecessary bed rest took up, and the huge amount of $$$ we still owe them.  However, the end goal of everyone is a happy, healthy baby and it looks like we are well on our way to getting that!

Now, back to the bloggy stuff.  Our biggest to-do is getting the nursery (formerly our office/craft room) completed.  Right now it's a dumping ground that would send most neat freaks - my husband included - into a tizzy.  As much as we have left to do, I have been able to start sewing again, and have been able to make several things for the nursery, which has saved us some money!

First up is a crib sheet, made from Alexander Henry's 2D Zoo print.  I've actually had this for a couple of years, I bought it when my son was little since I thought it was so cute (I had tried and failed to convince myself it's gender neutral, pink animals and all!).

Eek - ignore the washed out look!

I used the fabulous tutorial found here.  I used my serger, never had to press, and it took me all of 30 minutes to put together.  Plus I already had the elastically on hand, so technically the sheet is free!

Continuing with the serger madness, I made a couple of receiving blankets.  The first is an Ann Kelle flannel that is soooo soft.  It was meant to be a crib sheet, but it when I got it home I learned it's only 41-42" wide, which with the way flannel shrinks would never work for the crib sheet.  It does make a cute blanket though!  The other is a random yellow flannel from my stash.  These are just 36" squares with the edges serged.

Again in the practical-but-not-exciting department, I used this easy tutorial to make a changing pad cover from leftover minky.  Easy peasy!

...and a fleece baby bunting from a Simplicity pattern.

Finally, I used the Sophie Car Seat Quilt tutorial at Moda Bake Shop to make a quick quilt to cover baby in the car seat.  As part of a guild challenge, it's all leftovers, even the batting.  The fabric is Tula Pink Prince Charming and Kona Bone.

There are still a ton more projects to do for the nursery, not the least of which involves figuring out what to do with all my craft stuff (babies don't really need a closet, right?).  I am so excited to be able to make things for my baby girl, especially since hardly anything she is getting handed down from her big brother is gender neutral.  Although my aching back says otherwise, here's hoping she waits long enough for us to get everything done!


  1. Love the car seat quilt! Good luck with the baby and I agree with you, babies don't need closets but craft stuff does!

  2. Great job, especially like the car seat cover! My baby girl shares a room with my fabric and crafting stuff. She has made it to 7 months she is a very, very, very active child and it works because she really doesn't spend much time in there except eating and sleeping (but she is on my lap for eating so no chance to get into stuff yet). I always have my darling out in the rest of our apartment with me. So you may be able to postpone making some decisions until after baby is a little older (BTW, no, they do not need the closet I think, lol). You take care and enjoy!