Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

    Ever have one of those weekends that was so nice, it makes Monday extra painful?  Or maybe that's every Monday?  Either way, it was a good weekend.  I did a little sewing, a little shopping, and a lot of hanging out with my boys.

First, I finished up the top for the Made in Cherry quilt.  At 80" square, thing is huge!  This was the best picture I could get.  Maybe when it's quilted I can get some good pics, although how/if I'm going to quilt it myself is another problem.

    My husband earned some major brownie points on Saturday.  We went to a nearby fiber arts quilt show/vendor event.  Not a lot of stuff that was my style (which the pocketbook appreciated), but I loved seeing the variety of vendors and quilting styles.  The next place was closer to home and a lot more dangerous to the bank account: Karen Gray Designs.  She was having another one of her famous sales.  I only left with a couple of bundles and could have definitely gotten more!

    From Karen Gray: a 1/2 yard bundle of Nicey Jane, and a quilt kit of Anna Maria Horner.  I never buy kits, but this one was such a steal and very pretty.  
    From the quilt show: some yardage of Fandango and Michael Miller, a triangle ruler, Machingers gloves, and a really cute growth chart for E.

    I did also manage to get some nice sewing time - during the daytime, what a luxury! - thanks to my son's 3 hour nap on Sunday.  Woot!

     First up is a drawstring bag for E to hold cars and toys when we go out.  The lining is duck cloth so it's super sturdy, and he's all about dragons so I used a random print for the outside.  I used the fabulous tutorial from In Color Order, except that I only used 1 string strip and made it a little longer.

    I've been wanting to practice making clothes, and I picked up this dinosaur print several months ago with that in mind.  E even picked it out.  The pattern is the Easy Linen Shirt from Sewing for Boys.  It's a little crazy, but he loves it.  The hubs and I decided that if we take him anywhere scientific, like a museum, he has the perfect shirt to wear! 

    Now back to the usual manic Monday!

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  1. the made in cherry quilt is on my dream to do list...i think i want to do it out of scraps and fabrics i already have in my stash