Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catching Up & Future Plans

  Well, after finally getting some antibiotics for what has turned out to be a sinus infection and an ear infection  in both ears, I am starting to get back into my normal routine.  I have a ton of laundry and work to catch up on too, but hey, this is the important stuff.  I've been unable to sew much since Christmas (and even had to miss a guild meeting, boo!) thanks to this mess, so I am really happy to have made a little progress.

  My first WIP of the new year is technically a Christmas gift to me.  Thanks to a gift card, I got the fabric for the whole tab and 4 spools of thread for only $18.  Score!!  This quilt pattern is called "Posh" and it's free from Moda.  I've made it before and hated giving it up, so I decided to make one for myself.  I like the soothing colors after the craziness of the holidays, and I'm hoping the green will brighten up the living room for the dreary winter.  The green is Kona Tarragon, and really nice light green that I should have bought more of because it goes so well with everything.

   Getting a decent picture of this is impossible at night so I gave up.  My poor husband hurt his knee, so after the above pathetic pic I tried the living room.  Unfortunately, matchbox cars have taken over so I'm stuck with the back of the couch - and the helpers couldn't stay away.   Oh well, I'll get nice outside ones once this thing is actually finished.


The back is going to be this lightweight flannel I bought a while ago to make PJ pants for myself.  I wasn't really liking it for pants, but I think it will be great for this quilt.

   My other WIP, which is making me question my own sanity, is a scrap quilt.  It's a pattern from "The Big Book of Scrap Quilts", and is a really traditional pattern.  I thought the shapes were pretty and that it might look fun with modern colors.  Plus, I've been able to use all scraps, and not one fabric is repeated.  But it's a lot of weird cutting, and oh, the piecing!! - this thing is a HST beast and I still have 14 more blocks to go.  It's been hanging around for a few months as a project to pick up whenever I felt like it, but now I'm really sick of all those little pieces on my table, so it needs to get done.  I think this might be the perfect motivation to push me along!  The pattern doesn't call for any sashing and uses a lot of borders.  I think it definitely is going to need sashing to avoid inducing seizures, and I want to avoid the matchy borders to help update the look a little.

    Finally, I keep seeing some great quilt a longs, and I think I might have to join a couple.  The first is the Made in Cherry Quilt Along over at the confused quilter.  I looooove that pattern, now I just need to buy some fabric and decide what size I want to make!   
    The other is the really pretty star quilt, Oh My Stars, over at thought and found.  I'm not sure I'm quite ready to make a truly scrappy one since I'm still piecing the behemoth above, but if I can find the right fabrics I might just have to jump in too.  

   Now that I have some energy back, I just need to find the time to do all the stuff I would like to do (wouldn't we all?).  Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow what a task to take on! All of those HSTs will be fantastic when you're all finished. I also like the first one, neat that you used green as the background, really gives it a nice soft feel.

  2. I too love the posh pattern, I just made one last year and will be making another at some point. It is my favorite quilt I have made so far. Your quilt looks great. Love the colors you choose.