Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fall Whirlygig - first quilt of the year!

    I finally completed my first finish of 2012!  This was actually mostly completed in 2011 - back when the colors were actually in season...I finished it in early December, and it has been sitting unbound on my couch since then (shame shame!!).

    This was made from a fat quarter bundle of mostly Moda fabrics, and a lot of them were Sandy Gervais.  I have to say, I would probably never choose most of these fabrics on a stand-alone basis, but I loved the fall colors of the bundle, and they matched my house so well, that I just had to get it.

    Now, you might have seen a bunch of this style of quilt floating around, because there's apparently a tool you can buy where you just sew squares together, cut, and resew to get this shape.  I started this quilt before I heard about the twister tool, so this one is made with a plain old wonky-rectangle template.  I've been trying to console myself into saying that doing it the slow way just means I didn't waste any fabric :)

    And I think it looks pretty good on my couch - especially now that it is bound!  Even if it is completely out of season now...


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