Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Baby, New Year

Well, it has been a while...but at least I have a good excuse!  Introducing...

Madison Joanna
Born October 20, 2012

Maddie Day 1

She is now 3 months old and is a complete baby doll.  She started smiling before 6 weeks and has rarely stopped, is completely laid back, and is a fabulous sleeper.  She started sleeping 6-8 hours a night at 10 weeks, and is now sleeping 8-10.  Amazing, especially considering my 3 year old still wakes up a couple times a night!

Her eyes get all squished up when she smiles - just like Mommy!

I am a member of the Triad Modern Quilt Guild, and my sweet guild buddies made Maddie a quilt.  It's adorable, and I love that it reflects the personalities of the different members - even in the quilting.

Madison approves (especially that cupcake fabric) and we are so thankful to have such wonderful friends!

And since this has turned into a blatant kid post, here's one of my gorgeous, wild, super-smart 3 year old, who was crazy excited about the snow we got last week - all 2 slushy inches :)

Did you know sandbox toys make great snow toys? ;)

Things have been more than a little crazy as I've just started back to work and all four of us keep cycling illnesses between us.  I'm just starting to get back into sewing and have a ton of things in the works and planned, and can't wait to show them.

Happy (Belated) New Year!


  1. 2 beautiful babies! Glad she likes the quilt!

  2. precious kiddos! Looking forward to meeting you at Sew South!

  3. There is nothing more worthwhile than children...both are adorable.