Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MIL Quilt - Finished Christmas Gift

Well, I finally did it - finished a Christmas gift! I have lots more to do in the next 12 days (12 days - eek!), but I am really excited about this one.

My mother-in-law's log cabin quilt is finished. I think the green and purple are really pretty together, and I hope she will love it. This is not really my usual style at all as the fabrics are pretty traditional, but I am very excited to have this one done and like it much more than I expected to. I might even have to steal it back if she doesn't like it!

The backing is a pretty hydrangea print that pulls in the greens and purples from the front along with a light blue. Pretty pretty!

I stippled it all over with a medium purple thread that matches the log cabins. It doesn't show up much at all on the back, which is some parts is a very good thing! (Note to self - do not quilt after midnight on a weeknight...).

The binding is the same Kona purple (grape maybe?) that is used in the cabin centers and the inner border. I think it frames the quilt nicely.

I am sooo glad to be able to at least mark one gift off my list. Now I just have the manly version of this quilt for my father-in-law, a wallhanging for my mom, a pillow for my brother, handkerchiefs for my grandma....Ugh - on second thought, maybe I shouldn't list everything out all at once!

Happy sewing, hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. Hi Jen, I'm new to your blog but I stopped over to say congratulations on winning a copy of the book "The Wedding Quilt" over at the "Happy Cottage Quilter" blog. I also have to tell you that your MIL purple and green quilt is GORGEOUS!!! I did BOM at a LQS that was purple, greens and yellows and the blocks turned out just beautiful. It is a wonderful color combination. i was a little unhappy with the border I chose as I feel like it takes away from the focus of the blocks a bit, but still, I will definitly use the color combination again. I have some great purple and greens in my stash that I may try a version of your MIL log cabin with. I am really in love with that quilt, LOL. I don't have a blog yet, just a Google ID and profile, but if you want to see my purple quilt I have a Flicker account under "Stitched with Prayer". Well, I've gotten carried away, sorry. Congrats again on winning the wonderful book. Enjoy!