Friday, November 11, 2011

First Christmas Gift Underway

Every Christmas, despite my best intentions, I usually end up scrambling at the last minute to figure out gifts. Over the last couple of years, nearly every member of my family has gotten some kind of handmade gift from me – with the exception of my in-laws. They are insanely hard to shop for, and I’m never really sure about their tastes and interests as they change a lot. Regardless of my probably needless worrying, I decided that this year, it’s their turn. I’ve been pretty unsure about what kind of quilt to make for them (color, pattern, traditional vs. modern, etc.), so I did finally ask them what types of colors they like while visiting them. I got "purple and some blues" from mom-in-law, and “I don't like any colors. Except green – for money!” from my father-in-law, the resident joker. Not so helpful. I debated about patterns for ages before finally deciding to do something small and simple so that they could each have their own quilt in the same pattern. I found a simple log cabin lap quilt free pattern from Connecting Threads, which has traditional log cabins surrounded by a border. I decided to do blender/tonal fabrics in the log cabins and a busy print for the border, which would determine the color scheme.

For my father-in-law’s quilt, I just wanted “manly” colors. This was actually kind of a stretch for me since I gravitate towards bright and bold colors in quilts. I found a tan/maroon/navy print – perfect.

I’ve already put the top together, and it was really fun to work with colors that are different from my norm. Despite being manly (I hope) and uber-traditional, I really like the way it’s looking so far. I can see why log cabins and all their variations are still so popular.

Now here’s hoping I can actually put a backing together and get this thing quilted before Christmas Eve!

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