Monday, March 24, 2014

Valerie's Quilt

2 blog posts in one day!  What then?!  I'm officially giving myself a gold star for productivity today.

Last fall, a friend of mine was going through a rough time.  After several months of health problems, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and on top of that had an infant.  Luckily, she was able to have her thyroid removed, but then had to make the unpleasant choice to do radiation since her surgery margins were too small.  So with all that and some other issues going on in her life, I decided she definitely deserved a quilt!

Her favorite colors are orange and blue, so I knew I wanted to go more aqua and have a dark gray background.

It's a free pattern by Joel Dewberry.  The gray is Kona Coal (I think?), and the other fabrics are all from Jo-Ann's.  Lots of Denyse Schmidt in there, including the plaid binding.  It's quilted with an allover stipple.

The backing is flannel, also from Jo-Ann's, that I got during one of their $2,79/yard flannel sales.  It matches perfectly and makes the quilt nice and snuggly.

I didn't really get to take many pictures, as she was having a particularly rough day so I decided to bring it over way before planned.  In fact, it hadn't even been washed and I finished the binding just before snapping pics and running out the door.

But she loved it, so it was a success!! We were just at her house for her son's 1st birthday party, and the quilt was on the bed with a book on top.  Perfect.  I kinda want to make one for myself :)

One of my lovely assistants.  In hiding most of the time from the kids, but nothing brings him out like fabric on the floor.

There you have it, blogging about a quilt I finished 5 months ago.  Better late than never!

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