Friday, May 17, 2013


I am making a few changes to the blog as I start trying to get back into it, starting with the name.  Papillon Playground was more of an inside joke between my husband and I, and outside of our little bubble it was just confusing (not to mention I felt pretty stupid trying to explain my blog name).  Hopefully the switch worked!

I like the new name because it's simple, sewing-oriented, and also more me.  Because as much as we try to have the perfect life we envision, there are always a few stray threads that can throw you off or make you rethink things.  Plus, although I'm a Type A perfectionist, I'm a pretty messy and clutter-y crafter :)  I also want to blog a little more about my family, mostly for my own benefit - it will force me to put all the pictures I take somewhere!

I have several projects to blog about, and a couple of life events that happened and hopefully will happen.  Stay tuned!

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